Secure Ship
Counter boarding / Counter piracy solution using 5500 volts non harmful shock-wire on ships.
Secure-Marine was the first company in the world, in 2001, to adapt this solution on ships.
Using the best available materials, we ensure un-wanted people stay away. Sophisticated alarming ensures that entry attempts are detected.

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Secure Fence
5500v Shock-Wire fence with full detection by zones. Over 15 years of experience and over 2000 installations world wide.
High quality of materials ensure that Secure-Fence keeps on working in the most demanding environments, such as near the sea and in industrial areas.

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secview SecView
Thermal, high quality camera systems with a wide variety of system capabilities. This includes the high end combined dual lense thermal and CCTV systems as well as the low end, one lens thermal cameras.
Installed in military and high security areas as well as on military equipment.

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