test Prisons and Detention

Both Prisons and Detention centers have been secured by us for many years.
The Secure-Fence and Secure-Video are some of the technologies we use to ensure that prisoners and detainees remain where they should be.
Every site is different and our open mind and innovation ensure we find solutions for any problems and situations that may arise.
Centralized, integrated security monitoring and control systems ensure the operators have all the information at hand.

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test Port

Secure-Marine BV has been active for many years in securing ports and port terminals.
From large Container terminals to Car terminals, National ports and other maritime installations, we have many years of experience to ensure a secure area is really secure.
Our Secure-Fence and Secure-Video are just some of the tools we use to achieve this goal.
In depth Risk Analysis and security auditing are objectively done in a Professional and thorough manner.

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secview Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure includes various types of facilities, such as:
  • Power Stations (Nuclear and Conventional),
  • Transformer Stations,
  • Water Supply facilities like dams, reservoirs,
  • Oil and Gas pipe lines and pumping stations,
  • Telecom facilities and transmission stations,
  • Military bases and weapon storage facilities,
  • and many more.

We have done Risk Analysis as well as secured many of those facilities around the world.

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