Port Security

Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure must be protected. It is critical for the functioning of our society and the stability of the government. Many such sites have, beyond a mesh fence, no other measures in place to stop anyone from getting on the facility, disrupting the sites operation or causing harm to its users,
the citizens.
Using 5500V Secure-Fence shock-wire fences, SecView thermal imaging and Secure-Video video analytics ensures no one will enter your facility undetected.


Port security


  • Protect full perimeter,
  • Cost effective way to secure long perimeters,
  • Use smart systems to track intruder until security can apprehend him,
  • Detect and follow intruders at over 1000m at night,
  • Fully integrated security control systems,
  • Optional long range remote surveillance and control
  • Protect Critical sites such as:
    • Water treatment and storage
    • Power stations, transformer stations and electricity grid
    • Gas and oil facilities
    • Telecommunications facilities, including broadcasting towers, switching hubs and internet routing sites
    • Monetary facilities, including central banks and major money production and storing facilities.
    • Major national landmarks and treasures