Private Sector

The private sector has been a large portion of our business. When property needs to be protected against vandalism and crime then we have efficient working solutions.
Deterrence always works to keep intruders away, and our 5500V Secure-Fence shock-wire fences, is extremely effective.
Further, Secure-Video
video analytics ensures no one will enter your facility undetected.



  • Protect full perimeter,
  • Cost effective way to secure long and short perimeters,
  • Immediately deter entry and protect your facility,
  • Can use small control panel or larger GUI PC control,
  • Our many clients include:
    • Car dealers
    • Postal and courier facilities
    • Large warehouses
    • DIY shops and nurseries
    • Brewery and bottling facilities
    • VIP mansions
    • Transport companies
    • Housing sites
    • and many more.....