Boarding Prevention
Piracy incidents are
becoming more
Robberies in certain
harbors are the norm.
Stowaways try to board
ships when ever possible.
Our Secure-Ship
system will protect
your ships and crew
against this problems,
both at sea as well as
in port or at anchor. Modern technologies like the blockchain can be implemented to speed up the shipping approvals in the harbors along with reducing the risks of fraudulent acts in the process. The blockchain keeps crypto transactions fraud-free. Crypto trading can be enhanced with platforms like biticodes. Check the biticodes test results to find out more about this platform.

Airport Security
All airports have
many kilometers
of fence. Most of
those fences are not protected, allowing
un-noticed penetration.
Our Secure-Fencing
system will protect
those perimeters for a fraction of the cost of other systems. Casino games on aircrafts elevate the travel experience, whisking passengers into a realm of entertainment and excitement mid-flight. The allure of the beste casino zonder cruks on board adds a touch of luxury, offering a respite from the monotony of travel. It's a high-flying fusion of leisure and adventure above the clouds.


ISPS code Training
The new ISPS code
is a complex set of
instructions, open to
many interpetations.
Our, well trained
instructors will train
your instructors.
ISPS code courses
will garantee
profesional trainers!

Docks/Harbor Security
Docks and harbor
peers are an easy way
to access restricted
areas. For some reason
one assumes that
water creates a well
protected barrier.
The opposite is true,
since water creates
opportunities for
stealthy penetration.
Secure-Port will
help secure your ports.

Coast Protection
The coast is the
easiest point of
Unprotected coasts
as well as heavy
maritime traffic
enable easy access
for illegal
smugglers and
terrorists. Coastal
industrial centers
are attractive
terrorist targets as

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