Stowaway Prevention
The problem of stowaways is not new but the scope of the current problem is.
Stowaways are part of the illegal immigrants problem facing the western world.
The costs and trouble in dealing with stowaways are almost always the
responsibility of the vessels owner/operator.
The growing problem is due to several factors as summed up below:

  • The local population is very poor and wants to immigrate to richer countries.
  • The harbors are not well guarded and it is relatively easy to hide in the waiting cargo.
  • The local authorities have no interest in preventing those actions.
  • Further, the threat of terrorist stowaways makes the problem even more serious.
  • Vessels are not taking serious preventive measures to reduce the Stowaway risks.

Many actions can be taken to prevent stowaways from entering vessels in harbor.
Our experience and investigations are bound to reduce those risks.
We can help in the following ways:

  • Analyze your vessel's "soft spots".
  • Recommend and install methods for passive and active prevention.
  • Train crew in active prevention.